Marc Skid

Marc Skid is dedicated to support fighting malnourishment, preventable causes of death, and un-polluting the environment when you purchase their Underwear.

Marc Skid was founded in 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia by Dan Barry. Dan feels brands should be more like people we love and respect, have the ability to laugh at themselves and own their personality; BUT, display character and live with a purpose. Marc Skid was created to fulfill this mission and inspired by Dan’s mission work in Honduras and the many generous people who are part of his life.

Did you know?

Marc Skid Underwear is made from the worlds finest Sustainable Organic Pima Cotton from Peru, the top .0005% of the world’s cotton. Pima is often called the “cashmere of cotton.”

ONE recycled plastic water bottle is used in EVERY waistband, meaning one less bottle in a landfill.

Underwear supporst the cause. Make your Marc on the world!


of every pair purchased goes to one of their world-saving charities

GREEN Underwear FEEDS The World

RED Underwear CURES The World

BLUE Underwear SAVES The World

The world is not a place to just live; but, a place to change.

Marc Skid