Alex and Ani Women’s Unicorn Charm Bangle


For ages, unicorns have been honored for their magic and their healing powers. These mystical creatures have appeared both in religious lore and children’s tales as protectors of the innocent. Any soul touched by a unicorn is instantly blessed. Let their powers inspire you to see the magic in the world.Details:

Empowerment • Love • CommunityCharity by Design empowers non-profit organizations to reach their goals by capturing the power of positive energy through innovative, creative designs. A portion of proceeds are donated directly to each organization, enabling them to contribute to the lives of others and make our world a better place. Details:
Adjustable sliding clasp allows for a customized fit.
Shiny Gold or Shiny Silver finish.

Width: 3⁄11 in
Diameter/Length: 2 2⁄5 in
Charm Length: 1 in
Charm Width: 3⁄4 in
Weight: 0.4 oz