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Lokai Hopeful and Humble Earrings


Our Humble Hopeful Capsule Collection Serves As A Daily Reminder That Everyone Goes Through Highs And Lows. In Your Highs, Stay Humble And In Your Lows, Stay Hopeful.
Share Your Mantra With The World, Choosing From Four Metals That Can Be Layered And Paired. Find The Perfect Gift For A Friend, Cheer Somebody On, Or Simply Start A Conversation With Your Statement Accessory.
Made From Recycled Metals

Lokai donates 10% of net profits to charity partners. Life is marked by highs and lows. Without one, we would not appreciate the other. The Lokai bracelet is a constant, wearable reminder to lead a balanced life, staying humble though the highs and hopeful through the lows. Lokai does not sell to distributors and therefore we (seller name: Lokai) are the only official Lokai retailer on Amazon (and online). All products are made, sold and fulfilled by Lokai, with a 100% authenticity guarantee, directly from us.
The Lokai Humble Hopeful Capsule Collection serves as a daily reminder that everyone goes through highs and lows. In your highs, stay humble and in your lows, stay hopeful.
Share your mantra with the world, choosing from four metals that can be layered and paired. Find the perfect gift for a friend, cheer somebody on, or simply start a conversation with your statement accessory.
Made from recycled metals
Lokai is the only authorized “sold by” seller of an authentic Lokai bracelet.