Pura Vida Silver/Gold BB Moon Bracelet – Plated Charm, Adjustable Band – 100% Waterproof


FOUNDED IN COSTA RICA – Pura Vida Bracelets provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide and raises awareness for charities with products that give back.
TRADEMARK CHARM – Crafted to care, this accessory is accented with an iron-plated “P” charm giving life, meaning, and symbol to Pura Vida’s authenticity, design, and simplicity.
detailed MOON PENDANT – The silver-plated moon charm attached to this bracelet presents various symbolic meanings to different individuals and groups of people. It signifies femininity, the rhythm of time, eternity, and enlightenment on dark times.
BRACELET FOR ALL SEASONS – This accessory is 100% waterproof. Be it under the sun or under the sea, during the cold and wet seasons, this premium bracelet will not lose color or disintegrate easily even under harsh weather conditions.
ADJUSTABLE BAND – Each bracelet comes with an adjustable slip knot tie, allowing wearers to create the perfect fit for them. The bracelet’s string expands from 2 to 5 inches in diameter to accommodate various wrist sizes.