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SoapBox Soaps Conditioner, Bamboo with Shea Butter – Add Strength, Sleekness and Dewy Moisturization with Bamboo Oil…

Pack of three 16 ounce bottles (total 48 ounces)
Every SoapBox product sold donates a bar of soap to a person in need. Track your impact with the Hope Code located on the back of every package. Enter the code on to find where in the United States or around the world your bar went!
SoapBox Acai Conditioner harnesses the power of the Amazonian superfruit to keep your hair strong and moisturized.
Every SoapBox conditioner is free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phthalates, and EDTA and is safe for all hair types and hair color treatments.
Every SoapBox product is 100% made in the United States, is fully recyclable, and is certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA.